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Milk wouldn't exist if it were not for the finite speed of light: from the dairy of a conspiracy theorist

The humble beginnings of vacuum QED trace their origins back to a somewhat mundane issue of explaining why a certain colloidal suspension is stable. 

I had been curious about whether the 1/r^6 vs 1/r^7 argument actually applies to milk and ended up digging the dairy processing handbook to check some numbers and it seemed to me like it does.

So, according to the data the fat particles have an average concentration of 1000 /mL which gives an average distance of 1 mm between two fat particles. Then from the spectroscopy data of milk we can see that there are some resonance peaks roughly in the range of 600-1000 nm. This gives us the dimensionless factor between the retarded and non-retarded forces as 1/(k0 r)~10^-4, which is to say that if we took into account retardation effects the average interparticle force would be weaker by a factor of 10^4 relative to the non-retarded force! Now I am not sure what the repulsive interparticle forces that counter-balance the attraction scale as, but this seems like a large enough factor to suggest that the argument could apply, as in we (probably) won't have milk if it wasn't for the finite speed of light!?!

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