Welcome to my webpage! I am a theoretical physicist working in quantum optics and open quantum systems, currently a postdoc at Princeton University in the group led by Prof. Hakan Tureci.

I am interested in fluctuation-induced phenomena and collective atom-field interactions in quantum optics -- things such as, but not limited to, Casimir-Polder interactions, super- and sub-radiance, quantum Brownian motion and decoherence -- and the possibility of engineering these effects. I am also interested in exploring non-Markovian regimes of atom-field interactions, wherein the memory effects of the environment can not be forgotten.

I am currently learning the ropes (and wires) of circuit QED, and studying vacuum QED effects in the non-perturbative regimes of light-matter interactions in superconducting circuits. In the past I have also worked on non-linear optics and quantum optomechanics, and am particularly interested in situations where the internal and center of mass degrees of a system can intermingle.

I collaborate closely with experiments in circuit QED and atoms coupled to optical fibers. In my brief stint as an experimental physicist over a summer I built a Rb magneto-optical trap (MOT) while killing only 7 laser diodes in the process.